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NASCAR Pit Reporter and husband open cake shop in time for holiday sweets

It's round. There's a hole in it. But this time, it's not a race car tire. It's a bundt cake!

On today's show, we meet Jamie Little and Cody Selman, Owners of Nothing Bundt Cakes. And did you know? Jamie is best known for her work as a NASCAR on FOX Pit Reporter and Cody has been a tire changer for the Indy 500 for 16 years. 

Nothing Bundt Cakes (Keystone) opened in November. It was founded 21 years ago in Las Vegas and is the 2nd one in the Indy area now.

The bakery offers 9 flavors every day, plus a seasonal option. This season it is peppermint chocolate chip. 
-Don't forget about the gifts for all occasions. They offer 10” & 8” cakes, individual buntlets & buntinis by the dozen. A big part of what makes them unique is their cake decorations. They use bows & ribbons, flags, cards & balloons for any occasion. 
-SPECIAL OFFER: today & tomorrow, if you come to the bakery & mention this segment, you will receive a free bundtlet!

To learn more, visit:
8505 Keystone Crossing
Twitter/Insta JamieLittleTV


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