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New app to make driving safer, more efficient, and interactive

New app to make driving safer, more efficient, and interactive

A new school year equals an influx of recently licensed teens looking forward to driving themselves to school every day. But for the parents used to bearing the responsibility of driving, it can be a bit daunting to trust your young driver to venture off on their own.  

Now, however, there is new technology to give parents piece of mind that could even make teens better drivers.  A new updated version of the Hum by Verizon has just been released that is compatible with just about any vehicle.  The Hum connected car system provides key information and assistance to keep your driver safe on the road. Simply plug the device into the car’s OBD II port and the app will keep you aware of your car’s health, can send emergency services if it detects a crash, and has alerts that keep you in the know. 

New app to make driving safer, more efficient, and interactive

Tech Journalist Paul Hochman reviews how the new driving technology can be an important part of keeping you family safer on the road.
BOUNDARY ALERTS: Encourage your child to cultivate good habits on the road by setting speed and boundary alerts
VEHICLE DIAGNOSTICS: Hit the road without hesitation. You can check your car’s health from your phone and detect issues before you go.
MECHANICS HOTLINE: Car questions? Connect to a certified mechanic for unbiased advice so you can be proactive about car issues and even save money.
EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE: Get the peace of mind of knowing you’re never really alone on the road. If a device detects a crash, it notifies emergency services and sends help. 

Hochman is best known as America’s Technology Reporter.  He is the founder of Humongous Media, Inc., which makes short-format video content that helps people understand and use complicated stuff.  He demystifies consumer products, financial services, apps, accounting software, appliances, home automation gadgets, even cars.  Hochman was also the former Gear and Technology Editor for the NBC TODAY Show.  He was also the technology and culture reporter for Versus TV and the Tour de France; the host of an online technology talk show on MSN called “Playit4Ward” and has been a longtime technology contributor for CNBC and MSNBC.  His articles in Fast Company Magazine were called a “Must Read” by the New York Times. 

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