New technology features non-surgical procedure to build muscle and sculpt the body

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Want to get a jump start on swimsuit season? Trying to look and feel your best?

Well, now you can build your muscles and sculpt your body with a NON-INVASIVE treatment just approved last year.

Dr. John Fry, Founding Physician, EssenceMD, tells us more about EMSCULPT, a muscle building and sculpting machine. 

New technology features non-surgical procedure to build muscle and sculpt the body

Emsculpt is a novel non-invasive treatment for building muscle and reducing fat. The technology uses a magnet to deliver HIFEM, or hi intensity focused electromagnetic field energy, to the muscles. This causes “supercontraction” of all of the muscle fibers which is more muscle activity than that achieved by voluntary exercise alone resulting in both muscle growth and fat reduction. Emsculpt is the first FDA cleared device for this indication after the results of several clinical studies demonstrated and average of 19% fat reduction and 16% muscle growth after a series of 4 treatments.  

An EMsculpt treatment consist of placing an applicator onto the muscle while the patient is lying down and lasts 30 minutes.  There is no pain involved and also no downtime.  After treatment patients can immediately resume normal activities including exercise.  The most common treatment plan consists of four individual sessions spread out over two weeks.  Results can be seen at 2-4 weeks with optimal results at 2-3 months.  Some patients will also see continued improvement over 6 months.  Results in fat reduction are permanent however, future weight gain can cause remaining fat cells to grow, leading to possible changes in the body. The increase in muscle mass is not permanent but can last for six months or longer. 

New technology features non-surgical procedure to build muscle and sculpt the body

Emsculpt can be used to treat most patients but is not indicated for patients with any metal in the body, pacemaker or AICD, pregnancy, and recent abdominal surgery.  

The cost of treatment varies depending on the number of treatments and packages offered and can range from $750 to $3000. For a free consultation, patients can call (317) 581-1212. EssenceMD is conveniently located in Carmel at 13250 Hazel Dell Parkway, suite 101.

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