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Nickel Plate Arts offers 300 emergency art kits

Nickel Plate Arts is offering 300 emergency arts kits to people who can’t afford to purchase art supplies. Aili Mcgill, executive director at Nickel Plate Arts joined today to talk about their efforts.

Many of the art kits will help local elementary schools in need, as well as Prevail, Inc., The Shepherd Center and Janus Developmental Services.

Kits are funded through generous grants from Hamilton County Family Foundation, The Richard M. Shulze Family Foundation, and 100 Women Who Care Hamilton County.

The two categories of kits include, for adults/teens and for kids/tweens.

Art is an important part of mental health, which is critically important right now.

Nickel Plate Arts is also offering virtual art classes through Zoom and Facebook Live (some free, some paid).

For more visit, their website and Facebook.


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