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On-Camera Confidence Tips to Grow Your Business

With all of the pivoting we’ve needed to do over the past 11 months, it can be hard to stay on top of the most effective ways to grow our businesses, and keep up with all of the traditional demands of business. As a women business owner that has needed to make quite a few pivots herself, Image Consultant Brandie Price is giving you access to some of the strategies she is currently utilizing to not only make ends meet, but to grow at a more rapid pace than ever before!

Tip 1 – Use video content in the place of print content on a weekly basis. Even though Google has changed how they share information, video is still ranking higher. Adding an intro video to the front page of your website is a good way to boost visibility without using paid adds. Not quite comfortable on camera? Join my Free Facebook Community On-Camera Confidence for Women Business Owners. This is a free group where I share some of the same tips that my high paying clients get. You can also sign up for our upcoming Free Masterclasses at

Tip 2- Update your networking game. Many women relied on in person events for networking opportunities, and the truth is, much of this is lost in virtual events. So where do we go? If you aren’t on Clubhouse yet, that is an incredibly good option. This is video free content, so you can jump into a conversation just about any time of the day, without being “camera-ready”. Think more “Podcast meets Interview”, so the full conversation is there. Perfection is not required! This is a new app, you do need an invite and an iPhone, but you can request to be on a waitlist. This will inform any of your contacts who are currently using the app.

Tip 3- Consider Leveraging online products. Think courses, pocket products, e-books, and guides. You are an expert in your industry, so why not utilize that expertise in a way that can help others with what you would normally accomplish in a on-one-one setting. This is an excellent way to duplicate your time and effort and build an evergreen leads and income strategy.

Tip 4- Stay within your gifting zone! This can be really hard when we’ve got our heads down, checking all of the to-do’s off the list. We tend to forget why we started in the first place. Chances are you are passionate about what you chose to go in business for, so keeping that top of mind will fuel your passion.

Tip 5- Hire a Virtual Assistant!! This will help you keep on top of Tip 4 so much easier. Virtual Assistants can manage all of the daily tasks, allowing you to stay in your gifting zone as much as possible. Invoicing, email newsletters, scheduling social media posts, creating operational systems. Let’s be honest for a minute, sometimes you need an outsider to give you a fresh perspective. This is a way to really compound your efforts at an incredibly reasonable price! I started with just 5hrs a month of service and it really took the pressure off. I wish I would have started sooner.

Tip 6- SAY NO- You are allowed to set boundaries with your time and resources. If you feel like you have to say yes out of obligation, that is usually a solid no that your heart wants to say! Your time is worth so much more than you think it is! Getting in the practice of saying No to the things that don’t set your heart on fire, allows you to say yes to all of the things that really make your heart sing!

Brandie Price is the owner at Brandie Price Image, an On-Camera Image Expert and Award Winning Celebrity Makeup Artist. You can find out more at

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