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Online THRIFT STORE allows shoppers find valuable items that are waiting to be FOUND, USED and LOVED!

It’s your “all-in-one” online THRIFT STORE!

Julia Spangler, Secondarie, tells us more about her local tech start-up and how it makes it faster and easier for users to shop for secondhand products.

About Secondarie:

Secondarie’s mobile-optimized website features specialized search categories for fashion, music equipment, and outdoor gear, as well as an “everything else” category for users seeking home goods, electronics, toys, books, and more. Secondarie’s online model filled a need during the pandemic by enabling environmentally-focused and budget-conscious consumers to continue shopping for secondhand products from home. Users can search Secondarie for items to be shipped to their home contact-free, items available for local pick-up, or both.

Though the nationwide resale market is growing rapidly, Secondarie is designed to address user experience issues that have kept consumers from more fully embracing resale. According to Secondarie’s research, the difficulty of the secondhand shopping process is a barrier that keeps consumers from choosing resale for a higher percentage of their purchases. Our mission is to promote the circular economy and help people find valuable items that are waiting to be found, used, and loved. Find what you’ve been looking for at, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @shopsecondarie.