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Plan your REVENGE travel, post COVID… right now!

What is REVENGE travel?

Travel Expert Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington shares more about this post-COVID boom!

Revenge Travel

  1. Revenge travel — get ready for the post-covid travel boom
    • One of the many things we learned this past year was… How much we MISS travel! And how much we need those vacations. With the vaccines rolling out, and spring and summer on the way, 2021 is all about making up for those lost travel days from the past year.

• And that’s where revenge travel comes in. COVID may have cancelled travel plans last year, but we’re itching to make up for those lost vacation days.

• A survey done in January by luxury travel advisors Virtuoso found that 82% of people are more ready to travel in 2021 than they were in 2020. 35% of people are looking at summer travel and 25% fall travel.

  1. Here’s why:
    • For a lot of people, they missed out on vacations last year or had to cancel trips. It’s like we’ve done an involuntary travel detox, and now we want to binge on it!

• The mental toll of not getting a proper vacation — people are eager to get that relaxation time

• 93% of people in that survey said they won’t take travel for granted again. Expect people to book extra trips or splurge on bigger trips because we’ve been cooped up for so long.

• People have a new perspective on life after the pandemic–there’s an urge for those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. That means more family trips, family reunions, splurging on a girlfriend getaway, over the top romantic couples trips–whether it’s domestic or international.

  1. What kind of trips are expected for revenge travel?
    • Longer, bigger vacations – We want to make the most of a trip and take extended time off if we can.

• Experiential trips with family and friends–reconnect with our loved ones.

• Quality trips: If we’re going to go through the extra steps of getting tested/vaccinated/insurance/etc, we’re going to want to make that vacation count.

• Splurging – people are ready to really spend the cash since they didn’t do that last year… the idea of you only live once, do those dream, bucket-list vacations

  1. How to plan that revenge trip
    • Start booking now because airlines and hotels are itching to get people back in seats and rooms.

• Expect changes to policies to keep happening as long as we’re still talking about COVID. Always read your fine print or use a travel agent.

• Dream big–because of those deals, dream vacations can seem more like a reality.

• Still keep restrictions in mind. One other thing the pandemic has shown is that things can change on a dime, so be prepared.

  1. Where are Americans looking to travel?
    • These are places you can go right now, and where you could book for the future. Chile, Morocco, South Africa, Belize, Costa Rica, Anguilla, Mexico.
    Where are people booking?
    • Massive big bucket list trips for next year and into the future. 3-4 week long safaris.
    • Sailings for 2022-2023 are booking up, especially longer vacations like 60-70 day cruises
    • Close to home travel
    • His tip: Book now… not just because of some savings, but also because things are booking up fast.

Domestic Travel Rules
• The CDC says you can safely travel domestically if you are fully vaccinated.
• Wait the full two weeks after your second dose to be considered fully vaccinated.
• You still need to wear a mask, practice social distancing and follow guidelines, even if you are fully vaccinated.
• Have your proof of vaccination on hand.
• Traveling with children who are not vaccinated will need a negative test 1-3 days before and should be tested after travel as well

International Travel Rules
• Every destination will have their own requirements. Remember, it’s constantly changing as we and other countries get vaccinated.
• Examples:
• Europe: Much of it is closed to US residents right now. When they do open, expect to provide vaccination proof, or negative COVID tests for entry.
• Costa Rica: No longer requires a negative test, but you MUST have travel insurance proof and you need to fill out their digital form called HEALTH PASS.
• Belize: Official vaccine card showing inoculation at least two weeks before arrival is required. Or a negative Covid-19 test result taken within 96 hours of arrival or a rapid test within 48 hours of arrival.
• Mexico: No requirement for a negative test on entry, and many hotels and resorts will help organize your test before returning to the US.
Remember: You will need either proof of vaccination or a negative test no more than 72 hours before your international return flight to the United States departs.

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