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Planning and saving for a fun, local vacation

Planning and saving for a fun, local vacation

Travel expert and magazine editor Stephanie Oswald is one of the world’s foremost experts on helping people–especially for women–get the most from their travel experience.  Whether they’re just loading up the car to visit grandma or taking an exotic trip to a sexy location, Oswald and the “TravelGirl” magazine she co-founded is helping people make their trips both fun and interesting.   

Oswald shares unique and timely suggestions for summer travel, such as:  

LOCAL EXPLORATION—Why a visit to a nearby city can be a vacation treasure 
RESORT REWARDS–How to get the most rewards to afford your next great vacation 
FUN GAMES–Taking some entertainment on the road to keep the kids happy on a long trip 
HARD TO FIND DEALS & STEALS—Some amazing surprises that few people know about 

Planning and saving for a fun, local vacation

Oswald is the former host of the weekend program, CNN Travel Now, and is a working reporter in New Orleans.  Her reporting for CNN and The Weather Channel has taken her everywhere from The Great Wall of China to The Grand Canyon. She’s a savvy traveler– whether it’s a business or pleasure trip, international or domestic. In 2003, she also launched a groundbreaking series called The Weather Channel Road Crew that showcased the “fun” side of weather. 

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