Power Swabs can take years off your appearance

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Whiten your smile this holiday season with the help of Power Swabs, which are clinically proven to whiten your teen in only 5 minutes! Here are a few key points on how Power Swabs can help you feel your best:


– Quick and easy way to look better and feel confident.

– Easy two-step system: first, remove the stains, second, whiten your teeth.

– On average up to 2 full shades whiter after just the first use which is only 5 minutes.

– On average, 6 shades whiter in one week.

– Patented formula naturally derived from coconuts helps rehydrate enamel, and then whiten, which helps to minimize the sensitivity.

– Clinical studies show teeth will remain brighter than they were to start for up to 6 months after using Power Swabs.

– Long lasting bright and white smile.

– Clinically proven system.

– Professional cleaning and whitening treatment actually designed for at home use.

– Work on natural teeth as well as caps, crowns and veneers.

To learn more, be sure and call 1-800-663-4620 or visit www.PowerSwabs.com. Don’t forget about the Indy Style special too: “Buy 2 Get 1 Free + 3 Free Quick Sticks & Free Shipping.”


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