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Preserving the beauty of the garden

The beauty of the garden is so short lived, there is a perfect bloom one moment and then, poof! It is gone.

Master Gardener Carrie Petty says gardens and flowers are a very important part of our daily lives. And most certainly a very important part of growing a more beautiful life! But how can we preserve the abundance of the July harvest?

Ann Kartholl, an Indianapolis native and dried flower artist says, “Dried pressed flowers are a great way to preserve the garden’s beauty, and it is very easy to do!” Ann’s son Joe built a large flower press for his Mom’s emerging hobby. As her hobby grew so did the demand. These pressed floral images are an excellent way to celebrate a wedding, by saving the bridal bouquet, or mark the birthday of a new baby. Pressed flowers are placed in a decorative wreath laid out on white paper, in the center Ann writes the new name of the child and birth date. This is one of her most in demand gift items-always requested.

Always pick the flowers when they are newly opened and dry. Press flowers in old heavy books or by using a flower press. Paper towel is a good thing to use between the layers of dried flowers; it helps absorb any trace moisture. It takes maybe two weeks, depending on the variety, to dry a flower bloom thoroughly. 

This time of years in the hot July summer days; there is abundance in the garden. Preserving veggies by canning, dehydrating or freezing is a great way to utilize the over flow of produce. Sharing is always nice too! God gave Indiana a great ability to grow beautiful things, so get out there and enjoy these summer days in the garden. Try your hand at flower art, or hang a bunch of Yarrow upside down to dry, and utilize in a fall arrangement. But always give something new a try! All part of helping you grow a more beautiful life! Cheers!

Carrie Petty is a 4th generation Hoosier! She is a lecturer, Master Gardener, as well as a top Garden and Lifestyle Blogger. After a long career in the Corporate & Political world she’s finally doing what she loves! Playing in the dirt.  An amateur naturalist, painter & photographer, Petty loves teaching families how to, “Grow a Beautiful Life.”  

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