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Produce Mom: Know Your Apples

“Know Your Apple Varieties?”

Sample 6 apple varieties from different tiers of the “sweet – tart” apple spectrum.

  • Granny Smith – considered the most tart apple
  • Pink Lady – natures sweet tart
  • Braeburn – tart and a very good apple for baking
  • Gala – the most popular apple in America, has a balance between sweet and tart
  • Sonya – very sweet and available for a limited time
  • Fuji – the sweetest

Many other things we eat are covered with food grade wax.

Do I need to wash my apples?

You do need to wash your apples, you need to wash all your produce…those produce washes are a big waste of money. Cold running water does a better job.”

“Valentine’s Day – Chocolate Dipped Fruit AND Veggies!”

Think about chocolate dipped pears for a perfect addition to Valentine’s Day, Birthday Parties & other celebrations

What about Chocolate Dipped Peppers.  Use your imagination.

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