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Products and Procedures to Keep Skin Healthy During the Summer

“Healthy skin is beautiful skin.”

Ask Heather Blake, Licensed Aesthetician and Managing Director, EssenceMD, and she’ll tell you that our skin is “our largest organ – its function is to heal and protect. So it’s important that we give skin the care and attention it needs to keep us looking our best.”

On today’s Indy Style, Heather shares the best product and procedure you can do to keep your skin healthy during these summer months.

Things to consider: (as told by Heather)

  1. Sunscreen: Physical Sunscreen is my choice for sun protection. A non chemical sunscreen will act as “second skin” protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the sun without causing a inflammatory reaction that a lot of the chemical screens often times cause.
  2. What skincare procedure can we do during the summer to keep our skin exfoliated and healthy without worrying about it being too sun sensitive?
    • Dermaplane – This manual exfoliation technique we do using a scalpel blade gently removes those unwanted dead skin cells and stimulates new cell turnover without the inflammatory reaction or sensitivity that chemicals or acids can sometimes cause. It is safe for all skin types, whether you are white or black, it’s healthy and beneficial.

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