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Products to help Amber get ready for Baby #2!

Oh, baby, baby! Check out these products that are sure to make parenthood a little easier… and perhaps a bit more stylish, too! Katy Mann from Indy with Kids joins Amber to check out the goodies!MOMMY/BABY PRODUCTS

 ModerneChild Shoppe offers stylish, affordable clothes for girls and well as mommy-and-me outfits and accessories perfect for special occasions, photo sessions and more!

-Celebrity fans include Tori Spelling, Amanda Stanton and Mario Lopez


ModerneChild Shoppe’s founder Kim Landi is a CPA by day, super-mom and fashion designer by night. Landi has been a lover of fashion since she was a child. As a hard-working certified public accountant and mother of two beautiful little girls, she spent a great deal of time styling outfits for her little ones and learning about kid’s clothes and fashion trends. She began posting pictures of her stylish children on Instagram and soon garnered a large and loyal following. The social media attention encouraged Kim to create her own online children’s boutique, and with that ModerneChildShoppe was born. Three years later, ModerneChild Shoppe continues to increase in popularity, with their outfits frequently seen on celeb’s children and with 197k+ Instagram followers and 78k Facebook followers. Kim believes that every little girl should feel beautiful both inside and out and their styles are meant to help children achieve a healthy self-esteem and encourage girls to express their unique style.————————————————–bbluv:

bblüv is known for quality baby products that are safe, durable, attractive and make life easier. They put a great deal of effort in the design of their products so you can be assured that what enters your home will make you and your baby’s life simpler. Their goal is to help parents worry less about the ‘what’ and ‘how’ so they they can focus on what really matters, bonding with and enjoying their baby.Dose Multi-purpose Stackable Containers (Retails: $7.99)

The Döse is great to carry snacks or formula milk on the go! Compact enough to fit anywhere! It is also easy to clean and can be sterilized! It’s the perfect solution for snack organization!

  • Stackable and interchangeable
  • 3 compartments with a large storage capacity of 4oz
  • Protective cap with flexible silicone handle
  • Funnel cap for easy pouring
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • BPA, Phthalate and PVC free
  • Can be sterilized

Uvi 4-in-1 Portable Pacifier & Nipple UV Sterilizer (Retails: $24.99)

The Üvi uses an efficient and safe technology that eliminates germs from pacifiers, baby bottles, bottle nipples and sippy spouts. It’s a very convenient tool that doesn’t use any chemicals.

  • Portable compact design
  • Hygienic and safe
  • Durable UV bulb
  • Quick sanitizer
  • Easy to use

Trimo Electric Nail Trimmer (Retails: $29.99)

The Trimö is the perfect tool to shorten your baby’s nails without any risk of injury. The gentle filing process makes it comfortable for baby’s tiny fingers. The choice of the filing discs depending on your baby’s age will make the experience even easier.

  • Gentle & painless
  • Extremely quiet
  • Easy and Fast
  • Anti-slip edge
  • 2-speed switch
  • 4 durable filing discs included (0-3 m, 3-6 m, 6-12 m, 12 m+)
  • Includes a handy carrying case and stand
  • Replaceable filing discs available

Coobie Seamless Bras: ($22)

Coobie Seamless Nursing Bras are made out of the same soft stretchy material as the original Coobie. The wider straps and racerback style are designed to keep as much weight off of your shoulders and back as possible keeping you comfortable all day. It features easy snap clasps on the straps to make breastfeeding easier for you and your baby. Even after breastfeeding this is one of the most comfortable Coobie Bras that you can continue to wear.Sophie the Giraffe: ($24.29)

Be Instragram ready with Sophie the giraffe. Sophie is just the sweetest first toy for baby and a wonderful visual stimulation.

  • Nontoxic: 100% natural rubber and painted with food grade dyes
  • Designed to stimulate all five of baby’s senses: touch, sound, sight, smell, and taste
  • Lansinoh Lanolin

Our HPA® Lanolin provides the safest, most effective relief for breastfeeding moms experiencing nipple soreness. Apply a pea-sized amount after each feeding to soothe and protect sore, dry nipples.

Our cream was carefully designed to be a 100% natural, single-ingredient product, which means it’s safe    for both mom and baby and contains no additives or preservatives. HPA® Lanolin is hypoallergenic and we are proud to be the #1 recommended nipple cream by lactation consultants and doctors in the US.

Lansinoh® Soothies® Gel Pads provide instant cooling relief to soothe and heal sore nipples so moms can continue to breastfeed. The gel pads are safe, absorbent and can be reused for up to 72 hours. They come with a fabric backing to help protect sensitive nipples from rubbing against clothing. Made from glycerin, Soothies® Gel Pads are vegan.

Bamboo Charcoal: The Belly-Melting Breakthrough For New Moms

Now there’s a way to shrink your post-baby belly faster than ever. (Yippee!) The Shrinkx Belly Bamboo Charcoal Wrap combines cutting edge bamboo charcoal fiber technology with triple-point compression to help you lose inches, shrink your uterus, and slim your figure.* This adjustable belly wrap is made with bamboo charcoal fiber, one of the latest breakthroughs in natural health. Bamboo charcoal contains unique therapeutic properties that help to increase blood flow and metabolism, speed healing, and reduce swelling.*Why Shrinkx Belly Bamboo Charcoal?

  • Bamboo charcoal fiber increases circulation naturally and helps raise metabolism*
  • Slims belly and waist faster
  • Supports core abdominal muscles and helps uterus return to original size*
  • Reduces swelling, inflammation and bloating *
  • Adjustable, moisture-wicking and antibacterial
  • Provides support after c-section
  • Built-in boning supports lower back
  • Recommended by OB/GYNs

UpSpring Baby Milkflow Fenugreek + Blessed Thistle Chai Tea Latte Powder Drink Mix

A Tea-Riffic Way To Get Your Breast Milk Flowing

For years, moms have been going to great (although oftentimes not-so-great tasting) lengths to boost their breast milk supply, choking down bitter concoctions and making cumbersome cups of tea. UpSpring’s Milkflow Fenugreek + Blessed Thistle Chai Tea Latte, is the first and only chai latte-flavored fenugreek beverage, formulated to help boost breast milk supply.*Milkflow Fenugreek + Blessed Thistle Chai Tea Latte Drink Mix can help:

  • If you’re trying to establish a sufficient breast milk supply for your baby
  • During baby’s growth spurts, if your milk supply can’t keep up with demand
  • When you want to increase pumping yields
  • When your baby needs more breast milk than you are currently producing

Why UpSpring Milkflow Fenugreek + Blessed Thistle Drink Mix?

  • Helps promote healthy breast milk supply*
  • Contains three known galactagogues (aka breast milk boosters) fenugreek, blessed thistle, and anise
  • Delivers 1,800 mg of fenugreek in each yummy chai tea latte flavored drink
  • Consume only 1-3 times daily
  • All natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free
  • Contains milk
  • Recommended by lactation consultants

More Breast Milk Boosters for Your Buck

Our new Millkflow resealable canister gives you 24 servings and comes with an easy-to-use single serve scoop. Each scoop contains a concentrated 10:1 fenugreek blend, giving you 1,800 mg of fenugreek plus Blessed Thistle and more in each serving.How To Use Milkflow Chai Tea Latte

Mix one scoop in 8 oz of hot or cold milk, stir vigorously. Pour over ice for a refreshing pick-me-up or enjoy warm cozied up with your favorite mug and beautiful baby. No matter the weather, Milkflow Chai Tea Latte is the perfect companion for breastfeeding moms year-round. Milkflow contains dairy and soy but no gluten or GMO ingredients.

Milkflow herbal supplement is also available in Berry, Citrus and Chocolate flavors plus concentrated capsules.

Bump 2 Baby is formulated for dry and sensitive skin on any individual and is safe to use during pregnancy or while nursing to prevent stretch marks and moisturize the skin during pregnancy and can also be used to prevent and treat eczema in young children.

A multitasking body balm that is 5 products in one

  • Encourages skin’s natural elasticity
  • Soothes and relieves dry skin and eczema
  • Helps minimize emerging stretch marks
  • Moisturizes and protects sensitive and delicate skin
  • Helps strengthen thinning skin
  • Visha Skincare Mommy Brightener With Illuminotex

Mommy Brightener with Illuminotex-™ is pH-balanced and specifically formulated for dry, sensitive skin and safe to use while pregnant.

Mommy Brightener is ideal for women experiencing hyperpigmentation and acne due to hormone changes.  The safe exfoliants in the serum help open the pores that cause acne, and stimulate collagen production to firm the skin. The hydroquinone-free blend helps inhibit the formation of tyrosinase, the pigment forming complex that makes skin coloration look uneven and the safe natural lightening agents also will reveal radiance and clarity to the skin to deliver a brighter more luminous complexion. The serum is fragrance-free, paraben free and has been both formulated and tested by a board-certified dermatologist. It is everything you would need for your skin in one bottle during this most important time in your life.

A multitasking serum that is 5 products in one.

  • Dramatically diminishes sun spots and hyperpigmentation.
  • Helps soften and correct fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Minimizes the appearance of large pores.
  • Boosts collagen production.
  • Fades the appearance of scars.


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