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Raising a glass to Indiana’s wine industry

Raising a glass to Indiana’s wine industry

Indiana Beer, Wine & Spirits has become a hit at the Indiana State Fair to adults!

Katie Barnett, Director of Marketing for Indiana Wines, introduces Noah Herron, Winemaker at Urban Vines, just one of 116 wineries and tasting rooms in the state. 

The Indiana Wine Grape Council – the state agency headquartered at Purdue University – provides both research and marketing expertise to the nearly 100 wineries located throughout the state. 

Raising a glass to Indiana’s wine industry

The Indiana wine industry has a rich history, with the first Hoosier wineries established and producing in SE Indiana well before California wine was a gleam in anyone’s eye. In more recent times, the industry here in Indiana has been growing like the proverbial weed (up 200 percent since 2006 alone), with Indiana-made wines snagging numerous prestigious awards at competitions throughout the US.  
Everyone involved knows the industry is big, but just how big? Purdue set out to answer the question. The university commissioned an impact study to determine just how much the wine industry contributes to the Hoosier state. Results are in – and the information is astonishing:
• $600M total economic impact in Indiana.
• $95M in Indiana wine sold
• $94M in tourism dollars spent
• 630,000 wine tourists annually
• 2.4M gallons produced
• 3900 full-time jobs
• $120M paid wages
• $37M paid in state & local taxes
* $38M paid in federal taxes.

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