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Realistic quarantine style ideas for the busy mom

Whether you were a stay at home mom before quarantine began, or have found yourself in this new role within the last few weeks, you know that getting dressed every morning can seem like a task. It is hard to balance all that we have going on under “normal” circumstances, and right now it all seems like a larger balancing act. Here are a few tips from Brandie Price, Image Consultant, to help you make style a breeze in this season!

1. Make sure that you are wearing clothing that truly fits your body. While baggy clothing can be comfortable while we relaxing in our homes, clothing that fits will help you feel better about yourself and allow you to be more productive.

2. Wear clothing that makes you feel like a Million Bucks! This is true for all of us every day, but right now it is even more important. Keep note of the things that you are truly feeling like a Million Bucks in. 

3. We are all experiencing shifts in our style right now, so keeping our minds open to how our usual clothing feels on our bodies is key. Notice the differences from what felt like a Million Bucks 8 weeks ago. There may be some differences, and that is ok!  Any time we have a change in our identities, we have a slight shift in our styles as well.

4. Swap out items that don’t make sense! Wear what you can play with your kids in!  You can still be stylish and comfortable while playing with your children. For many of us, we will still be incorporating e-learning for the next few weeks!  If you find that you miss dressing up, pick at least one day each week that you can get all dressed up and do your hair and makeup.  Doing what makes you feel like a Million Bucks will help your mood!

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