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Red Gold Tip: Freeze Your Leftovers

Linda Wallace from Red Gold has tips on how you can save your delicious homemade soup

Tired of eating your delicious Red Gold soup night after night, then freeze it for the future. Instead of putting soup in a large plastic container put the soup in muffin tins. After is has frozen completely, remove from muffin tins and place in a plastic bag. When you need a serving of soup, just put one of the muffins in a bowl and microwave, your work is done.  If the soup has both broth and vegetables, you might want to fill one muffin with broth and one with vegetables. Remove one of each to make your bowl of soup.

You can also use a Mason jar to freeze left over juice from Red Gold products.  Instead of draining away the juice from your favorite canned tomatoes, save it and place in a Mason jar.  You want to make sure you use only Mason jars that have straight sides, no shoulders. Just under the threads of the jar is a the freeze line. Do not fill beyond this line.  When you are ready to make your homemade soup, use this juice as the base. This will add lots more flavor to your soup than using just water.

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