Refreshing your look in a simple, pain-free way

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Non-invasive and easy.

Those are just two words to describe ways you can make a subtle positive change to your appearance.

On today’s Indy Style, Dr. John Fry, Founding Physician, EssenceMD, tells us more about Neuromodulator (Botox). 

Refreshing your look in a simple, pain-free way

1.    Botox and several other similar neuromodulators can be used to soften wrinkles and lines of the face and are one of the most popular aesthetic treatments.  Injection of these agents is simple, quick, with essentially no discomfort and is one of the easiest ways to refresh someone’s look.  Many people are hesitant to try these agents for fear of looking “frozen”, unnatural, plastic, or “done”.  When done correctly, these agents result in a softening of lines and a nice refreshed look.  Typically, it takes a week following injection to see an effects and the results last on average 3-4 months.

2.    There is a trend for younger patients in their 20s and early 30s to use Botox for prevention as once deeper wrinkles form they are harder to get rid of.

3.    There are currently four different neuromodulators approved by the FDA. Botox was the first and is the most common and well recognized product. Xeomin, Dysport, and the recently approved Jeuveau are the other products.

4.    Although most commonly used aesthetically, Botox and other neuromodulators can be effective in treating migraines, painful TMJ, excessive jaw clenching (known as “bruxism”), reduction of prominent neck bands, and can reduce excessive sweating under the arms or hands. 

Refreshing your look in a simple, pain-free way

5.    Jeuveau (also known as “newtox”) was just released after FDA approval and is an exciting new product in the field. Our early experience has shown it is a little more comfortable with injection and has an earlier onset of action in select patients.  There is some data to suggest it may also last longer in select patients but that will need to be confirmed in widespread clinical use.

6.    EssenceMD is running a special promotion with Jeuveau and viewers of Indy style or wish TV can mention they saw us on TV and receive a complimentary skin assessment and medical grade facial with their Jeuveau treatment.

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