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Relieve Chronic Pain with Laser Therapy from Nauticus Laser Therapy and Wellness Center

Are you struggling with losing weight? Are you unhappy with how you look? Are you suffering with pain that does not go away?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, Nauticus Laser Therapy and Wellness Center in FIshers can help! Here’s more with Amber and Dr. Trond Seland at Seland Chiropractic Center, as he describes the effectiveness of the Power of Light– Photo Bio Modulation.

Here’s more:

  1. Trifecta LED Lights for Weight Loss and Body Contouring.
  2. ChiroThin Doctor Supervised Weight Loss to make you lighter in weight.
  3. Neuropathy Laser Therapy for Peripheral Neuropathy and Joint Pain, using Summus Medical Class IV Lasers.

    Three treatments are now available to our community to help:
    A. Lose Weight and Body Contour your body with Trifecta LED Technology. This new Low Level Laser Therapy uses 10,000 lights to makes the fat cells in your body release their
    contents naturally. People can lose 5-10 pounds over a few days to weeks without diet or exercise. This same treatment will help people lose weight, trim down their stubborn body fat
    areas and also lift their mood naturally. Patients will relax comfortably while the Trifecta Light does all the work! This Trifecta Light Therapy has also been helping our patients with seasonal affective disorder-the winter blues and depression. You can be blanketed with all these lights and Endorphins are released in your brain to help your mood!
    B: Lose Weight Naturally, without drugs, stimulants, fake food or surgery, with ChiroThin Doctor supervised weight loss program. Women lose typically 20-30 pounds over the
    period of 6 weeks with the guidance and supervision of Dr Seland and his weight loss coaches. Men can lose from 30-40 pounds over the same time period. This is an anti inflammatory low glycemic eating plan paired with intermittent fasting. It also has a detoxification portion to get your body working optimally. Healing with the Power of Light!
    C. Find Pain Relief from Peripheral Neuropathy caused by Diabetes, post chemotherapy or poor circulation using Neuropathy Laser Technology. New Medical Laser Technology by
    Summus Medical stimulates healing through a process call Photo BioModulation over the time of 6-8 weeks.

    History: (as told by Dr. Seland)
    Nauticus is Latin for “Voyager, Sailor, Sailing Vessel or One who is on a Journey”. Nauticus is all about making the Journey of your life Healthier, Happier and filled with Hope, Naturally.
    We are all on a Journey called Life. When Covid struck last year, the news kept saying “We are all in this boat together…” Well, I disagree. We are not all in the same boat. We are in the same ocean and in the same storm. We each have our own “boat”. How is yours doing? We each have out own boat, our body. We are all in the same “ocean”, facing the same storms
    of life. Your body is your boat. My body is my boat. You are the Captain of your body. How you have been taking care of your body will greatly influence your health during your Journey.

    Weight gain from Covid is a common frustration for many people. We all struggle with weight gain. I have struggled with my weight over the years. The ups and downs of weight gain and
    weight loss is shared by many of our patients. Then there is the stubborn weight that won’t come off. I worked to come up with a solution at Seland Chiropractic Center to help people
    who are struggling with their weight. Excessive weight leads to back pain and joint pain. Adjusting spines to reduce pain doesn’t work well when a person is overweight and full of
    inflammation. A stress eater’s diet is often full of inflammatory foods and high on the Glycemic Index (too much sugar). You just can’t tell a patient to stop eating sugar and starchy foods. We needed a new approach for our patients. That’s when I discovered a new program called ChiroThin. ChiroThin is a Doctor Supervised Program that combined diet modification,
    intermittent fasting, and specialized supplements that help the body burn fat more efficiently and resets the metabolism over a period of 6 weeks. ChiroThin has helped thousands of
    people. Many people at Nauticus lose anywhere from 15 to 40 pounds over the time of 6 weeks. Including myself. I lost 40 pounds on with ChiroThin! If I can do it, so can you!

    The Third part of the Nauticus Wellness Center’s “Healing with the Power of Light” is directed towards people with joint pain and Peripheral Neuropathy. For patients with stubborn joint pain we use a high powered Class IV Laser to reduced pain and inflammation. For patients with Peripheral Neuropathy we use the same high powered Class IV Laser with the new Peripheral Neuropathy Program. This Neuropathy Program works on the numbness, tingling or pain in the arms and legs, without drugs or surgery. The Summus Medical Laser painlessly applies Photo BioModulation to the spine and extremities. After the treatment, the patient relaxes in one of our Massage Chairs that is specially designed to massage the arms and legs, improving micro circulation to the areas needing healing. Patients report feeling better after the very first session.

    Nauticus Laser and Wellness Center was conceived in the summer of 2020 by Dr Trond Seland and opened for business in Fishers, Indiana, on January 4, 2021. Nauticus Laser Therapy and Wellness Center, aka Nauticus Wellness Center, is now open to taking new patients! Call us at 317-598-1410 or go to Call now to get 10 percent through
    the end of February. Healing with the Power of Light!