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Results are in from Versiti Blood Donation Telethon

Results are in from Versiti Blood Donation Telethon

Community leaders joined Versiti Wednesday for a first-ever, statewide telethon to encourage blood donations.

Hoosiers across the state called in to schedule three blood donations. Versiti encouraged donors to help us avoid a blood shortage this winter and schedule their first donation in the days and weeks ahead.   

The Versiti team was joined by hospital leaders, trauma surgeons, emergency responders and others who see the need for life-saving blood every day, whether:

  • People are fighting disease like cancer;
  • Surgery patients; and
  • Victims of trauma

Penny Schroeder, Area Vice President, Versiti Blood Center of Indiana, gives us an update on the telethon’s results.

Here’s more:

Coming together, raising awareness about how critical the daily blood supply is and donating blood is what community is all about – answering a call, helping and giving back.

Versiti relies on the generosity of the community to advance its mission and ensure area its more than 80 partner hospitals have the blood and blood products they need to save lives.

A decline in donations during the winter months due to weather and seasonal illnesses has made it very difficult to bring in donations. But the need is still there each day for patients.

Currently, all blood types are needed. But O-positive and O-negative blood are at critically low levels now. O-negative donors are universal blood donors, meaning their red blood cells can be transfused to patients with any blood type.

About Blood Donation

Every 2 seconds, someone needs life-saving blood to survive.

Whether they’re facing surgery, battling cancer or a victim of trauma, people rely on the generosity of blood donors to save their lives.

People need people. Unfortunately, of all Americans able to donate blood, only 13 percent do.

For Versiti to be able to meet the needs of more than 80 of its Hoosier hospital partners, 560 blood donors must give blood each day. People can donate blood every 56 days.

Donating blood takes about an hour. Anyone age 17 or older in good health who meets eligibility requirements is encouraged to give. Parental consent is required for donors age 16 to donate blood.

Donors should eat a full meal and drink plenty of liquids before donating blood. Donors must present a photo ID that includes their birth date at their appointment.

Appointments are encouraged at any of Versiti’s seven donor centers in Indiana and at any local community blood drive. Walk-ins are always welcome. To make an appointment to donate life-saving blood, call 317-916-5150 or visit