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Rev up your fashion for the month of May in Indy

Men don't have to be the only ones showing their love of racing on and off the track this year! Heather Pirowski, Mentor Apparel, is teaming up with Beth Paretta, Founder/Owner, Grace Autosport, to design a line of apparel that ladies can wear on the grid.

About Grace Autosport:

Comprised of all women: mechanics, crew, engineers, driver, etc. More than racing, Grace is an educational initiative to encourage girls and young women to pursue careers in Science, Tecnology, Engineering and Math. Racing ins an exciting example of real-world STEM in actin.

GreenpowerUSA is a electric racing series for kids. Teams build their cars and race against other schools. It's a challenge of endurance and efficiency. They will be out at IMS today, May 1, and it's open to the public!

The affiliation between GreenpowerUSA and Grace Autosport shows kids what is possible if you work hard and work together as a team.

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