Indy Style

Seven-foot tall iPhone visits Indy Style

These days, we use our mobile devices for just about everything. Now, more homeowners are embracing the trend of home automation, controlling their locks and lights, receiving alerts and more – all from their mobile device. Kevin Gunkel, marketing manager for Comcast, demonstrates with an oversized iPhone how homeowners can use a simple app to turn lights on and off, use a camera to keep an eye on their home, and more. easily control temperature, lighting, monitoring, and more, right from their mobile devices using home automation services like Xfinity Home (many of them work similarly as you can imagine).

 Home automation…when some people think of it they think of that’s what we’ve seen in the movies, that’s in the future…well, we’ve brought this home and it is available now.”

For more information visit their website at and @ComcastIN on Twitter