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Simple ways to help your kids be confident in who they are

We know confidence is the key to success at school, at home, and in life. And there isn’t a parent out there who doesn’t want their kid(s) to be confident. How do you instill confidence in your kids from an early age? Alex Perry, CEO of Practically Speaking, shares three simple ways to help your kids be confident in who they are.

1.) Speak & act kindly about yourself. I heard it said once that we become the voices inside our kid’s heads, and the last thing you want is for your kid to beat up on themselves. Your kids pick up on what you say and do. Make sure you’re speaking and acting kindly toward yourself, and your kids will do the same. (e.g., “I’m taking a break because I worked hard on my project today.” vs. “I’m gonna be lazy now.” or “I learned something new today” vs. “I’m such an idiot, how did I not know that?”)

2.) Let them do it themselves. We know that confidence is built through actions. Avoid the urge to make/remake your kid’s beds, resolve their fights with friends, or do their science fair project (even though it drives you crazy to see their typos). Let your kids figure out how to do things on their own. Trial and error and independent work are phenomenal confidence builders-for kids and adults!

3.) Praise their efforts, not the outcomes. Your kids won’t always have control of the outcomes in life. No matter how hard they practice, they still may not win the game, get the scholarship, or win the trophy. However, they’ll always have control over how much effort they did (or didn’t put in). Help them be confident by praising their efforts (e.g., “I know how hard you practiced for the game, and it showed!” or “you’ve studied hard and learned so much”). Do this, and they’ll be much more likely to keep trying and feel good about while doing it!

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