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Singer/Songwriter Yadin Kol performs ahead of Indy Art and Soul

He is a self-taught guitarist, singer and songwriter who began his music career only about five years ago… AND he’s performing for Indy Art & Soul!

Here’s Amber’s interview with Yadin Kol, as he sings “Contribution.”

About Yadin:

Yadin Kol is a captivating self-taught guitarist, singer, and songwriter who began his music career in 2016. As a passionate and soulful performer Yadin takes listeners on a musical journey where love and faith balance the ills and injustices of society. Yadin’s records provide a combination of his sensational guitar playing, and raw mellow vocals. His sound has a rhythmic undercurrent which bears testament to his retro-leaning, neo-soul style, and his conscious-stirring lyrics come from his southern roots and urban life experiences. Yadin’s unrelenting hope for the disenfranchised, and faith in creation are recurring themes in his music. His influences include blues, soul, jazz, pop, R&B, hip-hop, and gospel. Yadin’s greatest aspiration is that his music will heal, uplift, and unite people in peace, light, and love. His debut EP, set to be released in 2021, promises to be a fresh and powerful contribution to the world of music.

Catch a one-song performance at 12:15 p.m. Tuesday through Friday in February on WISH-TV’s Facebook page. And if you love what you saw there, you can come back and watch the full, 45-minute performances. Art & Soul fans will be able to watch great performances by 15 acts, from emerging musicians to legendary bands, plus hear a conversation with this year’s visual artist, Matthew Cooper. Matthew created the backdrop for this year’s performances. It’s a collage of the pieces he painted this summer on the boarded-up windows of Old City Hall as part of the Murals for Racial Justice initiative. Matthew also created two original works that viewers can see through the large exterior windows of Gallery 924 at the Arts Council. Along with the 16 Art & Soul shows, we’ll be presenting special content including a guide to the best Black History Month arts & culture events at

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