Indy Style

Sips & Dips to keep your summer snacking simple

You can keep your snack spread light and simple thanks to Rick Hopkins, food and beverage director of Carmel Market District and Beth McCarthy Smith, Founder and CEO of SIMPLCITY Cold Pressed Juice & Cocktails. They joined us today to showcase their tasty and refreshing sips and dips for summer.

Local juice company, SIMPLICITY Cold Pressed Juice just launched their first cold pressed cocktails, made with fresh, whole produce, no added sugars, and local whiskey and vodka from Indianapolis favorite Hotel Tango. Three cocktails are now available exclusively at Carmel Market District: Fresh Whiskey Smash, Paloma Perfection, and Pink Vodka.

SIMPLICITY  is the country’s first cold-pressed cocktail. It launched exclusively at Carmel Market District. Its natural benefits include being low calorie/low carb and having no added sugars or syrups.

Carmel Market District also has a variety of hummus choices, unique flavor combinations, ingredients on how to make your own at home and veggies, and spices and healthier dip choices which they showed us today.

Find more about Carmel Market District here.

Find more about SIMPLICITY on their website and Instagram.