Snakes and sloths highlight new exhibits at the Indianapolis Zoo

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Are you team SNAKE -or- team SLOTH?

The folks at the Indianapolis Zoo tell us their two newest exhibits are all about taking guests to the extremes. 

What does that mean? Well, brave guests can get as close as they dare to a black mamba, one of the world’s deadliest snake species, in the new Deserts Dome exhibit Size, Speed & Venom: Extreme Snakes.

Carla Knapp, Public Relations Specialist, Indianapolis Zoo, tell us more: 

Snakes and sloths highlight new exhibits at the Indianapolis Zoo 

• The renovated spaces features more than 20 snake species from around the world, including Burmese pythons. Visitors can meet these impressive predators during daily python chats, which also highlight the importance of snakes for Earth’s ecosystems. 
• Visitors can also see Indiana’s native venomous species — the copperhead, cottonmouth and timber rattlesnake — along with safety tips for encountering a snake in the wild 
• One of the slowest mammals on the planet, two-toed sloths will be hanging out this summer at the brand new MISTery Park. In this open-air setting, guests can get up close with this adorable animal ambassador without any barriers in between.
• While they’re visiting the sloths, guests are encouraged to snap to share on social media with #IndySlothie along with a pledge to preserve native habitat for sloths in the wild by purchasing products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. 
• Also in MISTery Park, visitors can explore a lush, green landscape of colorful flowers, tall grasses and trees. In the location of the former Splash Park, misters fill the pathways with a cooling fog while nature sounds from a tropical rain forest play in the background.

Snakes and sloths highlight new exhibits at the Indianapolis Zoo 

About the Indianapolis Zoo:
The Indianapolis Zoo empowers people and communities, both locally and globally, to advance 
animal conservation. Located in White River State Park downtown, the Indianapolis Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the American Alliance of Museums as a zoo, aquarium and botanical garden. Visit


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