Sous vide style: try a little something different with your Thanksgiving turkey

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Just in time for Thanksgiving Jason Michael Thomas, Urban AG Indy, joined us this morning showing us a different way to cook a turkey.

He used a technique called sous vide, beginning by removing the turkey breasts and then smoking them.

Thomas says this method makes the best breast meat.

He says the breast meat should be cooked separately from the dark meat, although nontraditional, and that additionally, by removing the breast meat, the dark meat cooks faster. 

After two hours in a 140° bath, take out breast and sear in a hot pan. Slice and serve with tart cherry gravy and salted plum sourdough stuffing. 

Note: Cooking poultry sous vide at 140° for two hours pasteurizes the meat and kills all pathogens leaving it moist and delicious. The recommendation of taking poultry to 165° for 15 seconds is the recommendation — poultry breast often goes far above that which is why many people prefer dark meat in my opinion, because it’s juicy!

Thomas cooked a Becker Farms turkey in this segment, and he says anyone who wants to purchase one can contact him. He says you can also pre-order your holiday pies and sourdough bread from him.

Thomas owns Urban Awareness Gardens in the heart of downtown Indianapolis where he elegantly prepares 100% locally farmed and foraged dinners in a private setting.

He uses his television appearances and social media influence to educate others about the crucial importance of the sustainable food movement and promotes a healthy lifestyle by teaching why we should seek out the most natural and delicious local foods.

Go to to learn more about his mission and book your private dinners and events. 

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