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Spill the Tea with McKinzie: Mariah Carey’s Twitter madness, Betty White’s Holiday movie postponed, more

McKinzie Roth, Entertainment Insider, joined us today with some of the latest celebrity headlines.

Let’s kick things off with the national treasure known as Betty White. We’re going to have to wait a little bit longer for her holiday movie.

Lifetime is delaying the untitled film until 2021. It’s being pushed back because of COVID-19 filming restrictions. In the movie, 98-year-old White plays a character helping Santa prepare for Christmas, but don’t worry, Lifetime still has some holiday spirit up their sleeves. The cable channel has 30 new movies coming out!

Mariah Carey‘s fans were so confused after seeing her latest tweets, and some people were even wondering if she had been hacked!

Mariah first wrote “Thanksgiving is cancelled.” Then followed that tweet with more tweets like, “There can be miracles,” “Resting in pieces,” and finally “One summer night, we ran away for a while… .”

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Some fans thought maybe these were songs for a new album, and others convinced the tweet weren’t from her! Mariah later revealed that these are all the names of chapter titles for her upcoming memoir.

Hilary Duff’s dude – Matthew Koma just got her name tattooed on his bottom. The musician said he wanted to honor his wife so got her named inked on his tush. Is this a new love language I don’t know about?

Noticeably absent from this year’s Emmys – Giuliana Rancic. She tested positive for the Coronavirus. The E! Host posted a video on Instagram revealing she found out about the positive test when she was preparing to travel to cover the Emmys. Her husband, bill and son also tested positive. She says she is thankful she got her results before attempting to cover the big show!

Speaking of the big show, I had an exclusive Emmys chat with ET’s Kevin Frazier

Check it out in the video above.