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Spilling the Tea with McKenzie: 2021 Oscars delayed, Blue and Boomer inducted into Mascot Hall of Fame, Mark Ruffalo gets in shape for roles

McKinzie Roth, WISH-TV’s Entertainment Insider “spills the tea” about what celebrity couple is getting a “sleep divorce” and more!

Congrats to our very own blue and boomer! The colts and pacers mascots has officially been inducted into the mascot hall of fame! There was a virtual ceremony and fans around the globe watched and cheered them on.

Mark Ruffalo went all out while preparing to play the Birdsey twins in HBO’s limited series I Know This Much Is True! The 52-year-old actor went through a lot of physical changes to play Dominic and Thomas Birdsey in the show. While playing Dominic, Mark had to do about “500 pushups a day” and went on a 1,000 calorie-a-day diet to lose 20 pounds.

“He was eating an egg white for breakfast and just starving, and he couldn’t eat for another three hours, and all he could eat then was a granola bar that had 120 calories or something, because he was on this strict diet. It created this guy Dominick who was just wiry and aggressive.”

Before they started shooting the series, I Know This Much Is True, Derek and Mark had a meeting where Derek said Mark would first do 17 weeks of shooting all of Dominic first — then he would gain back 30 pounds to play his twin brother, Thomas, who struggles with mental illness in the form of schizophrenia. All episodes of series I Know This Much Is True are available for streaming on HBO go and HBO Max now

The 2021 Oscars will be delayed until April 2021. That means the window for films to be eligible will be extended to Feb. 28, 2021 instead of Dec. 31, 2020. The academy says it wanted to provide the flexibility film makers need to finish and release their films without being penalized.  

Carson Daly and wife Siri are getting a divorce, a sleep divorce! The couple who just welcomed their fourth child into the world, Goldie began sleep divorcing last fall — and the happy couple continues to be consciously uncoupled in separate bedrooms. It started when Siri was pregnant and just could not get comfortable and now they are keeping it that way saying its best for everyone.


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