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Spring Fashion Trends for the MEN in your life!

With this beautiful Spring forecast coming in, it is not only women, but men are really chomping at the bit to shed the clothing of quarantine, and get a few fresh new styles for going back into the office, or Work-From-Home! Image Consultant Brandie Price shares the top FOUR trends that she’s consistently seeing to help give your man a leg up in the fashion game!

  1. Do incorporate French Blue. Step aside Pantones, for just a moment and allow French Blue the stage. Not only is French Blue a classic that will stand the test of time, it looks great on every coloring. And it is not just about suiting, you will see this hue from board shorts to neck ties all season long reminding us of sunshine, warmth, and the sea.
  2. Do wear matching suits. Matching suits, especially in a print or a plaid are to men what matching lounge sets are to women. A fashion forward statement that is bold and confidence building.
  3. Don’t forget the versatility that comes with one quality suit. The jacket can easily pair with your favorite denim for a dinner out on the town. Or you could pair your suiting pants with a crisp white tee to run errands with the kids. It’s all about versatility and leveling up your fashion game!
  4. Don’t skip the accessories! Learn to accessorize like a pro. If you own jeans, you need a nice dress shirt with a set of cuff links. This look is going to be hot coming into summer. Sometimes we just need a little bit of pizazz to amp up our already existing wardrobe. Cuff links, hats, and suspenders will all be making appearances this Spring.

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