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Starting Seeds Indoors

Indiana winters can feel pretty rough. But, if you are a gardener…they run much shorter. As a gardener, Carrie Petty says her ‘sap’ begins to rise as the days start to grow longer. February is a gardener’s month! And it all begins with starting seeds indoors.

(Here’s a little more from Carrie, herself)

We should be in awe of the fact that inside these tiny little life capsules resides the DNA for an entire harvest of tomatoes, pumpkins, or giant watermelons! That SHOULD just blow us away! I just love the fact that the garden makes us stop and take pause in such thoughts. It slows us down and brings us some peace. Rodale’s All New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening says, “Seed are the living links between generations of plants.” Seeds are living things that not only feeds us-they can be our teacher.

Seeds teach us much, like good things come in time. Or, you get what you sow. Seeds begin with sterilized planting soil, cell packs for holding the soil and great seed stock to begin your adventure. Moisture and warmth are the encouragers for seeds to begin germination. Your goal is to grow healthy ‘seedlings’ healthy enough for transplanting. Roots begin to emerge, then stems and first leaves. Baby teeth or first leaves are called cotyledons, and then the primary leaves form. Now you have lift off! Direct sunlight is key; it is almost a must to use a grow light to get enough light exposure so not to have ‘leggie’ plants.

Someone I admire very much wrote, “Good food is the basis of our well-being, and quality seeds are fundamental in creating good food.” That person is Robert Johnston Jr., the

Founder and Chairman of Johnny’s Selected Seeds, an utter rock star in my mind! Johnny’s Seeds and Renee’s Seeds are my two top seed companies I use. Their catalogs are brilliantly laid out and their selections are often organic, heirloom and GMO free.

It’s easy! And if it does not work the first time, do some more homework and start again. It is so worth the energy and effort. Seeds are the beginning of the gardener’s season. Let you sap rise and try your hand at starting your own seeds indoors this month. It is all part of helping you, “Grow a Beautiful Life!”About Carrie Petty:

Carrie Petty is a fourth generation Hoosier! She is a lecturer, Master Gardener, as well as a top Garden and Lifestyle Blogger. After a long career in the Corporate & Political world she’s finally doing what she loves! Playing in the dirt. An amateur naturalist, painter & photographer, Petty loves teaching families how to, “Grow a Beautiful Life.”

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