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Starting the New Year with a fresh capsule wardrobe

2021 will be here soon, and with New Year resolutions starting to roll in, it is no surprise that at the top of the list this year is decluttering. Brandie Price, Image Consultant, has more on how to create a minimalist wardrobe for the upcoming year.

This seems like a standing resolution, but after spending a significant amount of time at home this year, we have all become more aware of all of the “extra” we have in our lives. We have also gone through a significant shift in our daily style needs and expectations. With lounge sets on the rise, and softer fabrics becoming more of a staple, we have really paved the way for a fresh look at our own personal style. I want you to know, that it is okay to embrace that shift in style and move forward with a more streamlined approach to building your wardrobe.

The 10/30 Capsule Wardrobe is my Signature Capsule Wardrobe. Simplistically, the 10/30 means 10 items of clothing that make at least 30 outfits. This all began in 1998, when I started creating travel wardrobes for celebrities. Something light to travel with, but would give them plenty of photo ready styles that were effortless to put together.  The key, is that the outfits could not repeat, and they needed 3-4 separate outfits for each day of travel for the different events that they needed to be at.

Today, I want to share that same process with you to help you get the most out of your wardrobe and start the year off fresh! So let’s dive in! Our friends at Evereve helped us put this capsule together, and actually have a capsule “Dressing Room to Go” program that you can try in the comfort of your own home!

4 Steps to start the Capsule Wardrobe of Your Dreams in 2021

1. Only choose items that you feel like a Million Bucks in. This will help you build Wardrobe Confidence.

2. Always start with the bottoms! You will need 4 total bottoms to get this process started. I suggest picking 4 different silhouettes and colors if possible.  Today we have a mid-light wash straight leg denim, a dark rinse slim fit denim, a black moto faux leather legging, and a black twill jogger. The more variety you have in your bottom pieces, the more versatility you have in your overall look composition.

3. Pick 4 of your favorite tops. Versatility is key here. Consider the color, style and function that you are currently craving in this season of life. We chose an oversized graphic tee, a tailored tie-dye sweatshirt, a snake print mock neck with a subtle puff sleeve and a cozy cream hooded sweater.

4. Choose 2 layers that will compliment the tops, and finish the silhouette of the ensemble. For this capsule, we chose a cropped fuzzy light-weight jacket, and a soft gray long duster cardigan.

5. For the 10 items we chose at Evereve, there are a total of 38 outfits before adding any additional accessories to elevate the looks! We used 2 pairs of shoes and 3 hats to change up the overall look making the total outfit over 100 by adding in the 5 different accessories!

Brandie Price is an On-Camera Image Expert. You can find more at