Stillinger Family Funeral Home Shares Importance of Hosting The Wall That Heals

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The Wall That Heals a three-quarter sized replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D-C is coming to Greenfield this July.

David Stillinger from Stillinger Family Funeral Home really started this effort and joins us today to tell us more, along with therapy dog, Harper!

1.      What is the Wall that Heals, and why did you decide to try to bring it to Stillinger Family Funeral Home in Greenfield?

a.    ¾ scale of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC

b.    375 feet in length

c.    stands 7.5 feet at its tallest point

d.    more than 58,000 names

d.  This is an opportunity for veterans and loved ones to visit the wall, especially if they will not have the opportunity to visit it in DC

2.      What can we expect?

a.    Will be escorted into Greenfield and be set up at Stillinger Family Funeral Home in Greenfield July 11-14th

b.    All volunteer driven from set up to teardown to helping people find names of loved ones on the wall when they visit

c.    Open to everyone 24 hours a day

d.    Back Home Again Ceremony

            i.     Saturday July 13th

           ii.     11am

           iii.     Include 11 Hancock County service members

3.      Who is bringing the Wall that Heals to Central Indiana?

a.    Stillinger Family Funeral Home, Greenfield Honor Guard, Hancock County Board of Tourism, Collective Alternative, and several other important sponsors listed on

4.     Where can we get more information to plan our visit July 11-14?

a.    Visit

The Wall That Heals

July 11 – 14, Stillinger Family Funeral Home in Greenfield


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