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Taste the Cold Brew difference with Java House

Challenge… accepted!

Do you like the taste of coffee, but not the “bite” afterwards? Do you find yourself always having to add sugar or creamer to your coffee?

Well, today on Indy Style, Cassandra Moe and Michele Moe, Java House Coffee Bar, introduce us to their COLD BREW COFFEE way of life and how it just might change yours!

  • Java House Coffee Bar opened May 2019, located in Clay Terrace in Carmel, IN. We are rapidly expanding and will have stores next year in Broadripple, Downtown, Purdue campus and potentially Fishers as well.
  • Java House is unique because they are all cold brew coffee, meaning they soak their coffee beans in small batches for 12-14 hours, which creates a rich and smooth cup of coffee. The alternative is traditional coffee where the beans are hit by hot water and extracted immediately pulling out those bitter and acidic notes.
  • Java House makes all their coffee with cold brew so you can enjoy cold brew hot, cold brew cold, and our lattes are made with cold brew as a substitute from espresso. Our cold brew is so smooth you can drink it black and enjoy it black without any additives or sugar.
  • Java House is doing a black coffee challenge to kick off the new year new you season where they are selling kits of Java House coffee pods to give you black coffee for 31 days. They are selling the kits in store, so if you are up to the challenge, come by the shop, join them and follow their journey on Instagram! @javahousecoffeebar

Instagram: @javahousecoffeebar
Facebook: javahousecoldbrew