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Tech expert previews the 2021 virtual Consumer Electronic Show

Each year the Consumer Electronics Show, also known as “CES,” gives us a glimpse of the future — unveiling the latest high-tech devices.

Due to the pandemic, this CES is virtual with the cool new tech being introduced with help of journalists like Lance Ulanoff, tech expert.

He joined us today to share a few of the latest products to be unveiled by JBL at this year’s CES.  

Some of the featured devices include:

  • The JBL TOUR Headphone Series including the JBL Tour Pro+ as well as other new true wireless headphones
  • A new range of JBL’s portable speakers that take sound to a new level
  • Must have soundbars to elevate your home entertainment

More about Lance Ulanoff:

Lance Ulanoff is an American tech and social media commentator. He is a former Editor-in-Chief of PCMag.comPC Magazine, and Mashable and SVP of Content for PCMag Digital Network, and is now an editor at Mashable. He spent nearly two decades in the computer technology publishing industry. Previously, he edited, the website for PC Magazine. Ulanoff also writes an award-winning and popular column for the website. 

Ulanoff attended Hofstra University and started his journalism career as a newspaper reporter on Long Island. In 1996, Ulanoff became the online editor at popular computing magazine, HomePC, and whilst there launched and In 1998 he was appointed by Windows Magazine as their online version’s senior editor. drew 6,000,000 page hits a month, and was the runner-up in the Computer Press Association’s “Best Overall Website” category. In August 1999 Ulanoff moved to as producer for the Computing and Consumer Electronics channels, and was named senior director for content. In November 2000, PC Magazine rehired Ulanoff; the website was relaunched in July 2001.

It won an ASBPE in 2004, and was runner-up for “Best Web Site” at the 2002 American Business Media’s Annual Neal Awards. In August 2007 he became the editor-in-chief of PC Magazine. For three years, Ulanoff also appeared on the syndicated radio show Rover’s Morning Glory on a segment called Tech Tuesday. 

He also appears on national television news shows, including CNBC, Fox News, PBS News Hour, MSNBC, CNNHLN and others as a tech and social media expert.

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