The Film Yap reviews “Judy,” “Abominable,” and “Aquarela”

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She may be set to win herself one of the top awards in film.

The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd tells us about Renee Zellweger’s newest Oscar-worthy film, Judy, along with a few others!

Judy — Renee Zellweger makes her comeback Oscar pitch in this sassy, smart look at entertainer Judy Garland in her final act.

Abominable — ANOTHER animated bigfoot movie? Turns out this new one from Dreamworks is the best of the lot, a sweet and lyrical tale about finding your way home.

Aquarela — This largely wordless documentary explores the mystery of ocean water, as it morphs from glaciers to ice floes to sea storms. Visually dazzling.

Video: Yesterday — A bit sappy but satisfying romcom about a guy who wakes up one day to find he’s the only person who remembers Beatles songs, and becomes an overnight sensation.

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