The Film Yap reviews “Midway,” “Doctor Sleep,” and other releases for November 8

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Looking to “catch a flick” this weekend? The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd runs down the list of what’s playing:

Midway — A surprisingly effective rip-roaring old-school war picture starring a bunch of square-jawed actors of varying fame and exciting CGI aerial combat sequences.

Doctor Sleep — Ewan McGregor stars in this sequel to Stephen King’s “The Shining,” with young psychic Danny all grown up and trying to protect a young girl with similar powers.

Pain & Glory — Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz team up with old friend and Spanish auteur Pedro Almodovar as a middle-aged man looks back on the choices he’s made.

Playing with Fire — John Cena goes the kiddie flick route in this comedy about firefighters who rescue three children and then can’t get rid of them.

Last Christmas — Emilia Clarke stars in this holiday-themes romantic dramedy as a woman who takes a job as a department store Santa’s elf and finds true love, after the previous year’s pain. With Emma Thompson.

Cyrano, My Love — This French biopic of author Edmond Rostand looks at his struggle to deal with family and life while writing his masterwork, “Cyrano de Bergerac.”

Ophelia — Daisy Ridley and Naomi Watts star in this inventive take on “Hamlet” from a feminine perspective. Stream It.

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