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“The Film Yap” shares WEEKEND movie picks

You certainly have your pick of THRILLERS this week in movie theaters! Here’s The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd to break it down for us:

April 16
New in Theaters:
Monday — An unabashedly sexy romantic drama that starts with flames and passion and then loses its mojo in the second half. Read more
Vanquish — Ruby Rose and Morgan Freeman star in this psychological thriller about a woman with a dark past being extorted by a man who has kidnapped his daughter to do his deadly bidding. Read more
In the Earth — This moody, loopy but genuinely unnerving horror flick taps into our anxiety and fears surrounding pandemic and isolation. Read more
Jakob’s Wife — Scream queen Barbara Crampton stars as a woman suffocating in a small town for 30 years encounters a dark power that reinvigorates her life… but with bloody consequences.

New On Digital/Demand:
Honeydew — Spielberg spawn is a cannibal’s pawn in this indie/art horror flick about a young couple who have strange encounters while camping. Read more
Cool on Streaming:

Ride or Die — In this Japanese road movie, a woman vows to protect her friend from all harm, which takes an increasing deadly turn. Now on Netflix.

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