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The Film Yap’s Movies to Watch At Home: ‘Useless Humans,’ ‘A bridge too far,’ more

Aliens crash a man’s 30th birthday party in one of Christopher Lloyd’s of the Film Yap’s movie recommendations this week. He has some movies new to digital/on-demand, that you may want to check out, and one you might’ve missed. Here’s more from him:

New On Digital/Demand:

Flannery — This charming documentary looks at the life and work of Flannery O’Connor, a pioneering Southern writer who saw much about people from the farm where she was confined by lupus. 

Dirt Music — A sweeping romance set in the gorgeous Australian outback as an older woman (Kelly Macdonald) running from a bad relationship falls for a younger fisherman (Garrett Hedlund).

Useless Humans — In this sci-fi horror/comedy, a man is obsessed with getting his childhood friends to celebrate his 30th birthday, but then a strange alien creature crashes the party.

The Painted Bird — This controversial World War II Czech drama looks at a young Jewish boy who encounters all sorts of people and circumstances while on the run throughout eastern Europe.

You Might Have Missed:

A Bridge Too Far — One of the last and best old-school WWII drama featuring a host of stars focuses on one of the greatest Allied disasters. On Netflix now.

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