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The Film Yap’s Movies to watch this weekend: “The Vast of Night,” “Seberg,” “The Photograph”

Movie theaters may be shut down right now, but there are still new movies for you to watch being released online regularly. We checked in with Christopher Lloyd of The Film Yap to see what’s playing at the drive-in, streaming, what’s available on disc, and what’s on On-Demand.

Tibbs Drive-In:

The Vast of Night — This weird, moody and often mesmerizing sci-fi thriller is set in the late 1950s as a small-town radio DJ and a teen telephone operator inquire into a strange noise that seems to be coming from space.

New On Digital/Demand:

Proximity — A young NASA scientist is abducted by aliens, but upon returning to Earth finds no one believes him. Yapper Caine Gardner says it’s uneven but compelling filmmaking with a nostalgic vibe.

Capone — Tom Hardy stars in this portrait of the mob lord in his final years after being released from prison, plagued by disease. Yapper Alec Toombs calls it “a portrait of mania chockablock with toilet humor.”

New on Disc:

The Photograph — LaKeith Stanfield and Issa Rae star in this slow-moving but alluring drama/romance about parallel romances playing out across the decades.

Cool on Streaming:

Seberg — Kristin Stewart plays Jean Seberg, the American “It Girl” of the French New Wave who was mercilessly hunted by the FBI for her relationship with a Black Panther. Now on Amazon Prime.

You Might Have Missed:

Top Gun — Fly me right into the danger zone! The story of Tom Cruise’s fighter pilot Maverick is now a classic and finally out on 4K Ultra Blu-ray on May 22.

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