Indy Style

The Indy Dog Whisperer shares tips to improve your new puppy’s behavior

No puppy talk here!

On today’s Indy Style, Nathan Lowe, The Indy Dog Whisperer, introduces us to the story of Jax, a large seven-month old Bassett Hound!

Here are his tips to keep your puppy on their best behavior when they get to their new home:

1.  Avoid being your pup’s litter-mate!

     – Pups play rough and mouthy with litter-mates (how they practice hunting and fighting skills)

     – Be careful of baby talk! (litter-mate sounds)

2.  Be your pup’s canine parent!

     – Enforce rules and boundaries in a no-nonsense way

     – Model calm, confident energy

     – Introduce pup to lots of new experiences

3. Help fulfill your pup’s need for litter-mate-style play

     – Get a second pup!

     – Arrange play dates with other puppy peers

     – Use a flirt pole

     – Introduce “nose games” (treat puzzles, etc.)

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