Indy Style

The Indy Dog Whisperer’s Nathan Lowe helps us understand affection from “our dog’s point of view!”

CUDDLE TIME! We love it… our dogs’ love it… but what are the “RULES” of cuddling? The Indy Dog Whisperer’s Nathan Lowe shares a few pointers!

Affection…From Your Dog’s Point of View!

  1. Why dogs show affection
    • not the same as human affection
    • social bonding through scent exchange
    • cuddling for warmth
  2. When to show affection
    • when your dog is calm
    • petting an excited dog can ramp them up even
  3. How to show affection
    • lay on the floor with them
    • go gentle when petting and concentrate on
      head and face
    • hugging can be uncomfortable for your dog
    • don’t let your dog lay on top of you!