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The Indy Dog Whisperer’s tips for meeting a dog you don’t know

There’s certain protocols you may want to follow when meeting someone else’s dog, especially if you want to be comfortable. Nathan Lowe, the Indy Dog Whisperer, has details on three rules you may want to follow next time you meet a new pup.

1.  Watch the Dog’s Body Language

  • Stillness means “don’t approach”
  • Ears up, mouth closed is “targeting”
  • Ears and tail relaxed and mouth open is good

2.  Avoid a Direct Approach

  • Never reach for a dog
  • Stoop down at a 90 degree angle and invite the dog to come to you 
  • If a dog doesn’t want to come to you, don’t force them!

3.  Pet Beneath the Head

  • Reaching for the head can feel threatening or alarming
  • Use soothing strokes rather than rapid scratching

Note: Remember that a dog who doesn’t know you may not be comfortable with you petting them at all when you first meet! Give them time to acclimate!

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