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The Mobile Cyclist explains CycloCross racing

The Mobile Cyclist explains CycloCross racing

Why are all these people riding bikes through grassy, hilly fields and carrying their bikes by running up muddy hills??
… Are they LOST?
…. Are they being punished?
… NOPE…. They are racing CycloCross..!!

Anthony Barr, Mobile Cyclist, tells us more:

What is Cyclocross?
• Type of off-road bicycle racing – on grass, dirt, mud, gravel or sand combination
• Barriers(man-made or natural) may require jump off, carry bike or ride/hop(skills)
• Courses are twisty, technical, hilly and may have sand pits or muddy sections
• Season starts Fall and ends early winter, ending in January usually.
• Races all over the world and is one of fastest growing Bike racing in US

Where did it originate?
• Sources claim early 1900’s first occurred, “official sanctioned” by 1940’s
• France, Belgium, Switzerland countries had earlier races
• US had first official race: 1963 near Chicago… Cold sport, right? LOL
• 10-15 years..really taken off, especially in Mid-West , continues momentum

What skills required to ride?
• #1 – Be ok getting dirty.! #2 Have a sense of humor! -Beyond That
• Turning tight radius turns, getting on and off bike smoothly, quickly
• Having strength and endurance combination to ride and/or run up slippery hills
• Advanced: Being able to “bunny hop” over barriers without carrying bike over

What is special about the type of bicycle used?
• Cross between a mountain bike and road bike – Upright Position (cross-bar)
• Wider tires than road bike, with aggressive tread, but skinnier than MTB
• Big tire clearance, strong frames, more upright position
• Minimal cables on cross-bar smoother/easier to pickup / over shoulder
• Brakes made to allow for lots of mud and debris and still operate

Any other types of equipment that is used?
• Special shoes that clip and also spikes on toes for run & climb in mud
• Gloves with tacky material for better grip lots of tight cornering
• Thermal clothing in colder races, exposed legs= badge of toughness in winter

How are Spectator Experience is unique to this type of bike racing?
• Unique to all other types of bike racing
• Fans “participate” much more: Cheering, “Friendly Heckling” and Gifts!!
• You can see most if not all the course, and access most on foot.
• Airhorns and CowBells are heard throughout
• Handups: Give riders Beer, Bacon or even Dollar Bills!

Cyclocross Bicycle and Shoes courtesy of Bluegrass Bicycle Company:

More about Mobile Cyclist …
• After a 20+-year career in the health care industry, Anthony decided to combine his passion and purpose by starting his own production company, Two Wheel Films, Inc. and creating “Mobile Cyclist.”
• The Mobile Cyclist web and TV series highlights bicycling culture in cities across the US, including Cincinnati, Ohio, San Francisco, Calif., Sun Valley, Idaho, Asheville, N.C. and the Katy Trail, the longest greenway in the U.S. that stretches across Missouri.
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UPCOMING RIDES & EVENTS : September/ October

IndyCross – Washighton Park Finale
• When: Saturday, October 5th – 2:00pm – 5:00pm
• Where: Washington Park : 3230 Officer David S. Moore Memorial Parkway Indianapolis, IN 46218 US
• What: (Cyclocross Racing) – Spectator or Participant
• How: FREE
• More Info:

Ohio Valley – Brookside CX Cup
• When: Saturday, October 6th – 10am – 4pm
• Where: Brookside Park : 1600 Brookside Pkwy S Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46201
• What: (Cyclocross Racing) – Spectator or Participant
• How: FREE
• More Info:

Major Taylor – Cross Cup
• When: November 16th and 17th
• Where: Indy Cycloplex: 3649 Cold Spring Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46222
• What: (Cyclocross Racing) – Spectator or Participant
• How: FREE
• More Info: