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The Top 5 Things We Can Teach Our Children to be Polite

As we are slowly emerge from the pandemic, people are beginning to see each other – even though we are still taking great precautions. With the Passover/Easter coming up, people might want to gather outside in very small groups.

Children’s Manners and Parenting Expert Elise McVeigh, host of the virtual manners video series, “The McVeigh’s Magnificent Manners Show,” and author of “A Parent’s Guide to Manners and Kids: Lessons, Games and Activities for Home, School and Beyond,” shares tips to help both children and young adults ease into socializing with family and friends.

The Top 5 Things We Can Teach Our Children to be Polite
• Know how to shake hands or greet people appropriately.
• Always use good eye contact when speaking to people.
• Use respectful words such as please and thank you; say yes instead of yeah; and always use a good tone of voice.
• When someone gives you a gift, say thank you verbally, and then send a well written and timely thank you note.
• Learn and practice good utensil use always.

5 Tips for Teens and Technology
• Do not lie about your age to open up any social media account. There are age limits for a reason.
• Watch what post on social media – college admissions and fraternities and sororities will look at your social media. If you would not be okay with your grandma seeing it, then do not post it.
• People have cameras and video capability everywhere, so be careful what you say and do at all times.
• When you are with other people, put your screens away. When you look at a screen, the person wonders if you are really listening to them.
• Do not answer a text or direct message from someone you do not know, or a message from someone you do know if it sounds suspicious at all.

5 Top Tips for College Students When Going on their First Job Interview
• Do check that your phone is on ‘do not disturb’ or leave it in the car.
• There is an expression “15 minutes early is on-time.” It is better to wait in the lobby for 15-30 minutes rather than just make it in time or be late.
• Check your appearance right before you walk in, including your posture.
• Bring a professional looking portfolio with a good pen and notepad. Take notes during the interview, and have good questions written down to ask at the end.
• Get a business card from all interviewers and write them a well-written thank you note on professional looking stationery.

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