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Tim Tries It: The Push Up Machine

Tim Tries It: The Push Up Machine

Take your traditional push ups to another level!

Firefighter Tim tries out “The Push Up Machine,” which combines functional movement and gravity to create a high level of muscle activation in core, chest, shoulders, and triceps. It allows you to perform push-ups at 0%, 5%, and 10% grade, challenging beginners to elite athletes. Another cool fact about the Push Up Machine is that its creator is from right here in central Indiana!

Here are a few other details:

  1. Patented technology that creates athletic and lean muscle development. New trend of functional strength and fitness.
  2. Maximize your time with multiple challenges and workouts for all skill levels. (Off your knees – beginner, ramp the incline – expert) 3. Perfect home exercise equipment for everyone in the family. Men wanting to tone chest and triceps, women defining core, shoulders and arms, kids increasing strength.

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