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Tips on teaching your kids at home

Tips for parents helping kids with e-learning

For a lot of parents teaching their kids is now on their long list of things to do at home. Today Katie Awwad, mom of three and former home school mom has several tips to help with focus, motivation and attention!

1) Find one location for your schooling. Try to develop an area in the house that encourages learning. 

2) Set timers for the kids that struggling working or the ones that keep asking for a break! Use phrases like ” We will work for 20 minutes then have a brain break!” Go Noddle is a favorite at our house. These are videos that encourage movement and a rest from thinking. We also have brain break cards that I printed off from This website has lots of motivation charts, behavior charts and extra activities for those learners at home.

3) Take breaks as the teacher! Being a parent and teacher is a balance. It is hard. You probably will feel frustration and overwhelming feelings. Stay calm. Seek chocolate and take a break. Kids will feed off your energy so try to remove yourself when needed. You are STILL a good parent when you take breaks. This is just THAT hard!

4) Remember those extra activities online are extra! Do not pressure yourself to do everything. Get your assignments in and then take it each moment after that. If you have a kid that needs extra work then visit the group on Facebook ‘Collection of Activities.’  This is a group sorted by subject with all the extra fun free activities. Remember, this is just extra fluff!

Katy says, you can do this! Be encouraged this week. Have grace as you find your groove. Let’s support each other in this new normal!