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Tools and Devices to help students with Remote Learning

Students across the country are remote learning right now, but for students with disabilities, the process can be a bit more challenging. Joining us this morning to tell us more about tools that can help is Brian Norton, Director of Technology Services for Easterseals Crossroads.

Assistive Technology Tools and Supports for Remote Learners
Few schools in the United States will get through the 2020-21 academic year without some form of remote learning, for some portion of the student body, for some period of time. Educators have many high-tech and low-tech tools at their disposal to provide students with meaningful learning experiences.

Agency Information
• Easterseals Crossroads promoting independence for persons with disabilities for the past 80 years
• The INDATA Project has an equipment loan library with more than 2,500 items and devices.
• You can try something for free before purchasing it.
• Find out more at

Remote Learning Tools and Supports
• It’s important for students of all abilities to navigate, understand and interact with content and others while learning remotely.
• Regardless of the platform (Windows, Chrome or iOS), there are many tools and supports available to help.
• Microsoft Math Solver App – Instantly recognize math problems with detailed step-by-step explanations, interactive graphs and much more.

• Microsoft Learning Tools (
o Immersive Reader – Reduce visual crowding, highlight text, break words into syllables, read text aloud, and provide visual references.
o Dictation – Quickly get your thoughts down on paper and remove barriers that keyboard and mouse access might cause for persons with mobility issues.
o Read Aloud – Students can hear their writing read aloud providing them essential feedback to edit their work and clearly communicate their ideas to others.
Chrome OS
• Helperbird ( – Have text read aloud, change fonts, increase font size, increase word and line spacing
• MicNote ( – NoteTaking app that allows you to sync written notes to

• SMMRY ( – Summarizes text to improve comprehension
• Rewordify ( – Improves reading and learning by simplifying language
Learning is Fun
• SnapCam – Bring the magic of lenses and filters to your live streams and video chats on PC and Mac
• Confetti! Extension – For celebrating correct answers and other things; With one click on the button, you will get confetti all over your screen

For more information about the INDATA Project at Easterseals Crossroads, go to or call 888-466-1314.