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Top 10 Kid-tested, kid-approved toys

After much hard work and deliberation, child experts have done it again!

Thanks to the 20th annual Kid-Tested, Kid-Approved voting event, struggling to find the perfect holiday gift is a thing of the past. Grown-ups will no longer have to spend hours scanning shelves and scrolling mindlessly online looking for the perfect gifts. Instead, the kid-experts cuddled, bounced and tinkered with thirty of this year’s greatest toys provided by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, and did the hard work for shoppers! Now, the top ten results are in, and holiday shopping has never been so easy.

Jere Krueger, Associate Vice President of Retail Services, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, shares the fun:

  1. RC Robo Dragon- This remote controlled dragon changes color with its illuminated body and even wags its tail as it moves. The robo-friend’s long tongue is sure to entertain as it shoots out and catches ‘bugs’.
  2. Electronic Super Slam Basketball- Try to beat the buzzer with this two-player, free throw tabletop. Players use a spring-loaded flipper to launch balls into the hoop before the buzzer sounds!
  3. Spinforce Globe- Players get ready to race with this high-speed car track! Players place the cars at each end of the track and face each other in an exciting 360-degree centrifugal battle. The last car spinning wins.
  4. Foam Alive Bucket- Compress it into any shape- a ball, a mountain, a cube, a mini figurine of yourself. Then, slowly, it begins to separate and starts to flow like magic.
  5. E-Blox Circuit Blox- Create endless possibilities or use the instruction manual to learn about electric circuits, switches, resistors, lights and more!
  6. Cosmic Coil- Constructed from a single strand of flexible metal, the Cosmic Coil expands from a flat ring to a sphere. Watch it roll, bend and flow!
  7. Pencil Nose game- A new twist on the classic ‘guess the drawing’ games! Pick a card, put on the pencil nose and start drawing! Use your best ‘hand-nose’ coordination to draw a picture your team can guess before the timer runs out.
  8. True Balance Jr.- Hold True Balance and try to align all the discs. It sounds easy, but it takes real concentration and a steady hand to solve this one!
  9. Hubelino Pi Marble Run Set- A marble run system that is compatible with that ‘most popular’ brand of building blocks! All the parts are here to build a complete run, and this unique set even includes blocks that allow marbles to pass THROUGH the blocks!
  10. Fantasy Hopper: Unicorn- Just climb onto its back, grab onto the horn, and start bouncing!

Don’t forget – memberships to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis also make a great gift. It is a present that adults can also enjoy while spending quality time with the children who mean so much to them. Memberships may be purchased at the museum, online at, or by calling (317) 334-4000. On December 24, 2019, The Children’s Museum will offer free admission from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. The store will be open to make those last-minute holiday purchases.

*Coming November 15, 2019 –January 5, 2020, the Pop-Up Unicorn Store within The Children’s Museum Store. From plush unicorns of all sizes to costumes, games and even makeup for the tweens, unicorns will rule!

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