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Top Gifts for the Vlogger on your List

There is no argument that that video production is on the rise thanks to a more virtual existence we have had in 2020.

You don’t have to be a YouTube superstar to know that video is the number one most effective way to communicate emotions and feelings when we can’t be right next to those that we love. Vlogging has really opened up the door for small businesses in this season. Online Course Creators, Service Providers and Coaches are all using this technology to be able to serve a wider audience, and those who aren’t using this platform yet are falling a little behind.

Whether you are new to vlogging or someone in your family is wanting to embrace this user friendly platform, chances are that either the tech itself or the On-Camera Confidence piece are what is holding you back. Image Consultant Brandie Price has your back on both of these!

Here is her round up of the top gifts for the Vlogger on your List:

  1. The Nikon Creator’s Kit – I wish this was available when I first got into video production. This is currently on my wish list!! The Nikon Creator’s Kit Includes everything that you need to get started. The Mirrorless Z50 camera with 16-50mm lens is lightweight and boasts all of the current features that are important to creating, editing and sharing the great content that you want to. No fuss, and very little learning curve. It’s ready to go out of the box! This kit also includes the Video Micro from Rode Microphones with on camera stabilization and wind deadener, the Job Gorilla Pod, which helps you set your camera literally anywhere to get the best angle for your videos and a handy carrying case that can be worn as a belt bag, or crossbody for easy access to your gear. Available at Robert’s Camera in the kit for $1046.95, or each item is available separately for purchase if your gift recipient just needs one of the items.
  2. DJI Osmo 3- I use this on every shoot. The DJI Osmo is a handheld gimbal that you can use anywhere on the go. Want to move around, but stay completely in the frame? Use the Follow Me feature to stay the main focus the video. Say good bye to to those shaky iPhone videos with this super intuitive, app driven device. Available at Robert’s Camera for $119.99
  3. Amaran by Apurture Light- This tiny light is all you need to add a great deal of light to your subject matter in low lighting conditions. No need for a ring light with this effective tool that clicks right in to the camera of your choice. Available at Robert’s Camera for $45, making this a really thoughtful gift for any photographer on your list!
  4. The Sunpak YouTuber Vlogging Kit- This is created for this who are just getting started in the video creation world, or can be used for a better FaceTime or Zoom experience. It’s an all-in-one tripod, phone holder, and light. Easy to set up, Easy to travel with and is sure to get smiles from your friends and family. Available at Robert’s Camera for $29.95
  5. On-Camera Confidence Skills- Check out the main page of for a link to my private Facebook Group On Camera Confidence for Women, if you or someone you love would like to gain skills to be a natural on camera.

Brandie Price is an On-Camera Image Consultant and Award-Winning Celebrity Makeup Artist.