Track Cycling 101 for Beginners

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At first glance, it might look like your typical bicycle. Look further, and you’ll realize, it’s not.

No brakes. One gear. No coasting.

Anthony Barr, Mobile Cyclist, explains Track Cycling and how it can benefit YOU!

1) What is Track Cycling?
• Track Cycling: specific type of bicycling that takes place on specific facility called Velodrome
• Velodrome is closed course, oval shaped, usually concrete, facility with a stadium feel
• Special types of bicycles are necessary for riding on a velodrome

2) How is a Velodrome Unique?
• Velodromes can be outdoors or indoors
• Length can vary, but example: Major Taylor 333 meters ~ less ¼ mile
• Typical banking on outside 30deg (outdoors) up to 42deg (indoors)
• Different colors striping on course determines practice areas, racing, etc.
• Different Types of Racing Occurs in Competitions: 6 or so types

3) Why Should Someone Try Track Cycling?
• It’s in a closed track, so no cars, traffic lights or stop signs to worry about
• Most tracks have a beginner / 101 course to help new folks learn how ride
• You learn: pedal efficiently, balance and overall better riding skills
• It’s a rush riding around on a banked course, almost defying gravity!
• Another great way to stay fit (can’t stop pedaling)

How Track Bicycle is Different than Regular Bike …
• No hand brakes = use your legs to pedal slowly / decelerate
• 1 Gear = No Shifting
• No Freewheel = No Coasting!
• Clip in with special shoes (you can do this on other bikes, but it’s required on track)

How Can Get Involved – Try Track Cycling?
• Major Taylor Velodrome – Indy Cycloplex has “Track 101” Class
• Track 101 – combines short classroom with over 2hrs on-track instruction
• Teach you how to ride Track Bike and rules & etiquette of track riding
• Open to kids and Adults – (If Under 15 yrs old, separate course)
• Class Schedule: April – July

• Major Taylor is home to Marian University Cycling Team and Local Racing!
• Local Amateur Racing occurs every Thursday night – FREE Admission
• Every Thursday, May 16 through September 5

More information about local Track Cycling:

• About Major Taylor Velodrome:
• Track 101 Beginner Course Info:

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